Good method to clean your realistic sex doll

So far, most customers need to keep their sex toys clean and in good condition after use so that they can enjoy them in many occasions. Fortunately, cleaning dolls is a simple procedure that doesn’t require more than 5-10 minutes of big cleaning. Also, it’s time to spend around, in the event that you need to make full use of your adored dolls for some hot meetings. So let us see how you can keep any type of real sex doll or your favorite big boobs sex doll spotless and flirting consistent.

Cleaning your tpe sex doll or your favorite 4ft11 silicone sex doll after use is a very simple process. If you have the right equipment, it can be completed in no more than a few minutes. Here are our suggested devices and how to use them to keep your sex doll around great.

Normally we consider to clean three main parts of best sex dolls such as Vaginal Irrigator, whole body and hair.

Vagina irrigator, also known as douche or bowel purge bulb, is an ideal equipment for cleaning Japanese dolls after use. To use one of these, you basically fill it with detergent and water and at that point use it to rinse and clean your sex doll vagina.

For sex doll owners who like to bathe with dolls, buying a portable hand-held shower head is an unusual choice. The hand-held shower head allows the owner to put the surging water outside his sex doll after use.